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SCORE Project: ChannelX

Title: Transient Shared Communication Channels

Sponsor: Christine Julien

With the availability of e-mail, SMS, Slack, and many other messaging applications, many channels exist for connecting two or more people. However, existing channels permanently associate an identifier with a user, making the user always reachable at the same handle. However, many of our activities require communication channels that are more transient in nature. Many times, we do not really want to give an otherwise perfect stranger our phone number, but we do want that person to be able to contact us, potentially for a limited time or in limited circumstances. For instance, a university teaching assistant may want to make a channel available to students in a course only during designated "available" hours and only for the duration of a semester. A seller (or buyer) on a service like Craigslist may want to create a channel of availability for the duration of a given transaction. By making these transient channels available, a user can protect his or her identity and the more direct channels (e.g., not having to give a phone number out to a potential buyer on Craigslist). The goal of this project is to create a service that supports the creation of such transient channels with user-friendly names, associates them with (hidden) permanent handles for the users, and manages the lifecycle of the created channels.

Project Description

ChannelX will make it possible to create, share, and destroy transient communication channels. These channels should be tied to users' existing communication streams (e.g., SMS, e-mail, etc.) without exposing the user's actual phone number or e-mail address. To fully manage the lifecycle of transient channels, the application should allow a user to:

Within a channel, the users can be required to be identified by their actual names, or, optionally, channels should be able to be defined to allow participants to assume personae using names selected from some predefined set (e.g., animal names, food names, etc.).

Profiles and channel mappings should be stored in a backend to facilitate joining and deleting channels.

Project Scope

The project should support the features described above. In addition, optional features could be added to the application at the team's discretion, but these features should not supplant the required features nor should they interfere with the required features. The project can support other actual communication types other than SMS and e-mail using the APIs available for those services, but it should at a minimum support phone numbers and e-mail addresses. The application must support text-based communication but could also opt to support audio and/or video, either synchronously or asynchronously.

The project should provide a web-based interface but the team may also opt to provide a mobile application for one or more mobile OSs as desired.

The project must include high quality documentation, including documents on the process (see below) and a (brief) user manual that describes how to get started with the application.

Process Requirements

Teams can adopt any development process. Project artifacts must be stored in a public repository with issue tracking facilities (e.g., GitHub). The team should also perform some formal project tracking, including defining milestones in advance, assigning roles to team members, developing a testing plan, etc. The team should pay particular attention to the usability of the application

Environmental Constraints

The application should be web-based and must run on most modern browsers (e.g., Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer). Backend platforms to be used are up to the team to determine. Design that is compatible with use on a smartphone is encouraged; teams may even opt to make native one or more native applications for various mobile OSs.

Level of Sponsor Involvement

The sponsor of this project will accept questions via email about the project topic at any time. Brief Skype meetings can be arranged on demand if necessary.

Sponsor contact: c (dot) julien (at) utexas (dot) edu

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