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SCORE Project: ShowMe

Title: Show Me Related Work

Sponsor: Milos Gligoric

The goal of this project is to help the research community to find and understand related work, as well as to help each other in this process.

Project Description

Finding related work and understanding the relation among papers is a non-trivial task. Many services offer help, e.g., GoogleScholar, but they lack many (dynamic) features. Ideally, we should be able to visualize relations among papers as graphs; each node is a paper and there is a directed edge between two nodes if one paper cites another. A click on a node in the graph should show the pdf (if available), and a click on an edge in the graph should show the way one paper cites another. Furthermore, the graph can be enhanced by users; the users can mark an edge as strong (i.e., paper is closely related) or weak. These additional data could help other users to navigate through the graph more efficiently. The project can be expanded in many ways.

Project Scope

Your project should implement at least the features described above. The graph should be extracted from GoogleScholar.

Process Requirements

Most of the development process will be flexible. However, the team is expected to follow some form of agile development. Here are a couple of specific requirements:

Environmental Constraints

Code has to be runnable on Linux; if necessary, the team should write a script to set up the environment. Support for other platforms is optional. The project should work with Firefox (and ideally with other web browsers).

Level of Sponsor Involvement

The sponsor of this project will be available most of the time. The communication will be via email, but Skype meetings can be arranged if needed.

Sponsor contact: gligoric (at) utexas (dot) edu

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Project FAQ

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