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SCORE Project: UniPique

Title: Coordinated Picture Set Processing

Sponsor: Gruia-Catalin Roman

Project Description

Adobe Ligthroom is designed to assist photographers in making a wide range of picture adjustments that improve the final quality of one’s digital pictures. A feature that is a real time-saver allows the user to edit one photo and propagate the changes to a series of photos taken at the same location and under the same lighting conditions. There are two drawbacks to this feature. First, orientation and cropping changes are not propagated across the image set. Second, the adjustments applied to the sample picture are propagated without considering lighting and color balance variations from one shot to the next. This project entails the development of an image processing workflow that overcomes these two annoying limitations.

Project Scope

The simplest scenario is as follows. A standalone program is presented with a set of digital images taken during a single photo session. One of the pictures is denoted as the master frame and multiple enhancements are applied to it. The same set of transformations is applied to the remaining pictures, but subject to adjustments that address variations in color, orientation, intensity, contrast, etc. Success is measured (subjectively) by the lack of variability among the pictures in the set when presented side by side or as part of a slide show.

Process Requirements

The sponsor is available to advise with the selection of an effective software development process and project management strategy, but the initial ideas need to originate with the team and match the members’ experience and background.

Project artifacts should be hosted on a public repository (such as Github).

Environmental Constraints

The reuse of existing software and intellectual resources is highly encouraged, under the condition of proper attribution. The ability to interface with existing commercial or open source systems is desirable and helpful in marketing the results. All other aspects of the implementation are solely the decision of the team.

Level of Sponsor Involvement

The sponsor will be available to interact with each team via email. The role of the sponsor is that of a technical consultant who is prepared to answer questions about the nature and scope of the project and to provide feedback with respect to technical solutions being considered by the team.

Sponsor contact: gcroman (at) unm (dot) edu

Project Restrictions


Project FAQ

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