SCORE 2021 in Madrid, Spain!

SCORE 2021 will be held as part of ICSE 2021 in Madrid, Spain.

The SCORE Contest is aimed at promoting and fostering software engineering in universities worldwide. Student teams from all over the world participate in a competition for students from undergraduate to master's level. Each team will develop a software project chosen from a list of projects proposed and sponsored by program committee members. The final deliverable is a report and an accompanying executable system. Evaluation will based on the quality of all aspects of the software engineering process followed, as well as the resulting system. In order to accommodate a wide range of academic calendars, the SCORE 20201 Contest will run from March 2020 to March 2021. Finalist teams will be invited to ICSE 2021 in Madrid, Spain.


The SCORE 2021 contest is organized by:

Program Committee

The program committee proposes projects, sets rules and policies, reviews project results, and selects finalists for SCORE 2021 in Madrid, Spain. It is a substantial amount of work over a substantial period of time, and we are grateful to these leading researchers, teachers, and practitioners for volunteering their effort.

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