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ICSE 2011


For Teams Interested in Competing for the Formal Methods Special Recognition

Teams can compete for the special recognition granted by the Formal Methods Europe (FME) group for outstanding exploitation of formal methods regardless of the project they choose to develop. There is no preference nor constraint on the kind of formal method to be used by teams. Also, teams can choose whether to use formal methods throughout project development, or limit their use to specific development tasks or to some aspects of the application.

None of the projects that can be used to compete in SCORE 2011 explicitly mandates the use of formal methods. However, formal methods can be gainfully exploited in many of them (or parts thereof).

Within the SCORE 2011 Program Committee, Nico Plat acts as ambassador for the FME group, and as reference person for teams interested in competing for the Formal Methods special recognition. He is available to answer questions from teams regarding the application of formal methods in SCORE 2011 projects (e.g., whether a project lends itself to the use of formalt mehods, which parts of a project are most suitable for the application of formal methods, and so on).

Nico can be reached at [To protect from spam-bots, the contact e-mail address is displayed here only when JavaScript is enabled in the browser.] .