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ICSE 2013


For Software Engineering Instructors

We encourage software engineering instructors to consider advertising SCORE to their students, and to use the SCORE theme for their own software engineering (SE) teaching assignments. This can be of great benefit for both students and instructors. Here are a few hints to exploit at best the opportunities offered by SCORE.

SCORE projects are challenging and should solve real-life problems, so your students can have a unique learning experience. Typically, SCORE projects can be, but do not have to be, developed during a university software engineering course. In some cases it may happen that only certain parts of a SCORE project can fit with the specific focus of your course; in such cases we suggest that you invite the best students to form teams and enter officially the SCORE contest as a follow up of their work accomplished during the course.

Administering SCORE projects and supervising SCORE teams is an excellent way to motivate and nurture your best students, as well as to make your own school and courses internationally visible by the quality of their achievements. Similarly, one of SCORE's main goals is to reach a large base of potential (and talented!) participants.

If you are interested in specific topics concerning SE, check out SCORE's special recognitions. If one of them matches one of your topics of interest, you might suggest to the team(s) you mentor to compete for them.