For SCORE Project Sponsors

(NOTE: Only SCORE Program Committee members may sponsor a project. This page is for them)

We need a good number of projects for teams to choose from!

A project sponsor (or proposer) does not need to expect to take on a tremendous burden of work. Yes, you will need to define the project, but you can determine your own level of interaction with teams (even down to none), and we can adjust your reviewing activity to compensate. So propose a project!

A project definition needs to have:

You are encouraged to use this project template (open and then save-as in your browser). You may also want to look up project descriptions from previous editions of SCORE to get an idea of the variety of aspects that you can cover.

A project sponsor has a conflict with a team if one or more of the team members are students of the same institution as the sponsor during project development (the whole calendar year 2015), or if the sponsor has collaborated with one or more team members in research or other work-related activities during the years 2014, 2015, or both. A team cannot develop projects proposed by sponsors that are in conflict with members of the team. The team can still enter SCORE by picking another project topic. In this case, the sponsor cannot be the team's reference faculty member and will not review the team's submissions.